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Current Clients

If you believe that you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or unfair practices in the workplace, you may have an actionable claim. Attorney Ayesha Hamilton at Hamilton Law Firm PC, in Princeton, New Jersey, has had experience advocating for clients in these situations:

  • An employee, who believes she is being discriminated against, is written up and reprimanded for job duties or facts that are outside of her control when actual responsible parties are not similarly reprimanded.
  • When told that layoffs are necessary because his job is being eliminated, an employee comes to find that someone else is given the same job responsibilities with a different title.
  • An employee believes she is being discriminated against on the basis of age because she is reprimanded and scrutinized while younger employees are left alone.
  • After making a complaint to HR about his supervisor, an employee is subjected to ongoing negative treatment.
  • A unionized employee is terminated without cause by an employer who doesn’t follow the procedure outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and the union won’t oppose the employer’s actions.
  • A disabled employee is discriminated against for alleged excessive use of the employer’s health care coverage.
  • A college professor is denied promotions resulting from negative inferences raised by racially motivated harassment by cohorts in the department.
  • A disabled employee is subject to workplace harassment and intimidation and forced to quit.
  • A teacher in a religious school is terminated because she did not attend the church or make regular tithe contributions.
  • Unemployment compensation benefits are denied to an employee because she worked as a 1099 contractor to get supplemental income in addition to her W-2 job.
  • An employee is denied unemployment compensation benefits because his employer claims that he willfully and habitually violated company rules and policies.


Ayesha’s experience representing employees provides her small business clients with critical insights regarding their HR issues and policies. She has advised her business clients on employment matters such as:

  • Creating an effective employee handbook to protect the employer
  • How to respond when a supervisory employee is mistreating direct reports
  • What to do if you need to terminate an employee who falls within a protected category
  • Steps to take when you receive a complaint about discrimination in the workplace from an employee
  • Whether you should hire an employee who has a prior noncompete with a former employer
  • The proper response if you become aware of a new employee’s previously undisclosed noncompete and nonsolicitation agreement