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Providing Pre-Termination Counseling To Employers

Even though terminating an employee for misconduct or poor performance may be perfectly legal, an employee may not see things that way. They may feel like their termination was based on their age, sexual orientation, race or disability. They may also see it as a form of retaliation or another unlawful reason.

Employees who feel they have been wronged by their employer or are experiencing an injustice may seek help from a lawyer in order to file a civil claim against their employer. These claims can lead to a settlement or lengthy litigation that can be incredibly damaging to an employer’s reputation.

Attorney Ayesha Hamilton is a skilled negotiator and litigator. Call her Princeton office at 800-742-1490 to discuss potential legal options.

Helping Employers See Both Sides To The Case

At Hamilton Law Firm PC, Ayesha represents employers who seek to defend themselves against allegations of wrongdoing.

The ability to see both sides to the story gives her the ability to point out pre-termination behaviors that could be seen as forms of discrimination or retaliation, including but not limited to:

  • Giving verbal and written warnings for misconduct
  • Suggesting performance improvement plans
  • Denying a promotion or raise
  • Denying scheduled vacation time
  • Reassigning responsibilities
  • Exclusion from meetings or important conferences
  • Exclusion from internal communications
  • Transferring accounts or clients
  • Not giving out raises

Finding Common Ground

Attorney Hamilton’s pre-termination counseling services benefit employees and employers alike by providing an opportunity to negotiate a mutually acceptable severance agreement without having to take a dispute to court. Ayesha will take detailed information from you regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, the actions made by an employer and the damages an employee may be owed.

She encourages her clients to take the right steps to resolve an employment dispute, and she does this by making sure her clients are informed, know their rights and know their options before taking action.

Experienced Legal Advice Is Just A Phone Call Away

If you would like to learn more about attorney Hamilton’s pre-termination counseling services or would like to discuss your case, contact Hamilton Law Firm PC. Initial consultations are available at her Princeton, New Jersey, office. Call 800-742-1490 or send her a message online to get started.