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Representation For Employers: Properly Addressing Sexual Harassment Claims

Most New Jersey employers understand this and do what they can to prevent sexual harassment, but they may nevertheless find themselves accused of harassing an employee or failing to take action against harassment.

At Hamilton Law Firm PC, attorney Ayesha Hamilton counsels business clients on the finer points of New Jersey and federal statutes regarding employment law, including sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Overview

In general, there are two types of sexual harassment defined by law:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when an employer or supervisor asks for sexual favors in exchange for promotions, raises or other advantages, or threatens an employee if he or she does not provide those sexual favors. Fear of retaliation if the employee complains about an incident may also be a factor in these sexual harassment cases.
  • Hostile work environment sexual harassment is the term applied to a workplace made hostile because of its sexual nature. For example, an employee finds doing their job intolerable due to sexually offensive photos, comments, jokes, physical touching or other acts of an offensive sexual nature.

Providing Defense To Employers Facing Sexual Harassment Claims

Charges of sexual harassment are sometimes without merit. In such cases, employers need competent defense against the allegations of sexual harassment in order to protect their company’s reputation.

Attorney Hamilton’s understanding of state and federal employment laws gives her the ability to protect employers from the damage of a false sexual harassment claim. She can anticipate arguments made by plaintiffs and prepare our clients to make informed decisions about whether to settle or litigate the case.

She can also help employers take proactive steps to avoid problems by helping draft comprehensive employee handbooks that spell out sexual harassment policies and other workplace rules and procedures.

Counseling Employers On Their Rights And Options

Even though attorney Hamilton has handled numerous sexual harassment cases over the years, each instance involves a slightly different set of facts. In order to personalize your defense, she will work with you to get all possible information by asking you:

  • Did the employee notify you of the alleged harassment?
  • Was there evidence supporting the claim?
  • If so, did you take action against the individual or individuals who committed harassment?
  • What is your policy regarding anti-sexual harassment training and creating a safe work environment?

Once she has thoroughly established the facts of your case, Ayesha can determine whether your rights have been violated, if you have a claim and whether you are entitled to damages.

Learn How Ayesha Can Protect Your Rights

If you need someone who is not afraid to advocate on your behalf in a sexual harassment case, then we encourage you to contact Hamilton Law Firm PC. Attorney Hamilton is a skilled negotiator and litigator. She has your best interests in mind and will fight for them.

To schedule a consultation at our Princeton, New Jersey, office, call 800-742-1490 or send her a message online.