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Running a successful business takes a lot more than understanding business-to-business communication and managing day-to-day operations. Businesses need contracts with their vendors, customers and employees as well as between their members and partners. They need to establish human resource services, implement employee handbooks and train management on employment law basics. Without these additional structures, a business owner may open themselves up to the risk of disputes and litigation, which can be costly mistakes to make.

At Hamilton Law Firm, P.C., attorney Ayesha Hamilton’s familiarity with employment and business law gives her the ability to take proactive and reactive steps for business owners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. From drafting employment contracts to resolving disputes between business partners, her experience in transactional business law will put you in the best position to reach a resolution quickly and amicably.

If you need guidance on a business or employee problem, attorney Hamilton can help. Call 800-742-1490 to discuss the specifics of your case.

Keeping Your Best Interests Front And Center

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been around for years, attorney Hamilton can help you address legal concerns quickly, including:

  • Business formation
  • Human resource services establishment
  • Employment agreements
  • Noncompete and nondisclosure clauses
  • Employee classification
  • Partnership agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Routine contracts between businesses

She has a track record of success handling transactional matters for businesses, with a special focus on assisting franchisees of day cares and restaurants, medical and dental clinics, and manufacturers.

Welcoming Environment

Attorney Hamilton’s clients appreciate the warm, welcoming environment she provides at Hamilton Law Firm. She wants you to feel comfortable and know that you are well-taken care of from initial consultation to whatever the future holds.

If you would like to see what sets her apart from others in the field, she encourages you to contact her firm and talk to her. Let her address your concerns and answer your questions directly and honestly.

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