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Advocacy For Employers Facing Disability Discrimination Lawsuits

At Hamilton Law Firm PC, attorney Ayesha Hamilton has handled numerous cases of disability discrimination and is prepared to offer a vigorous defense for New Jersey employers who have been accused of discriminating against employees or job applicants with a disability.

If your company has been accused of disability discrimination in employment, call 800-742-1490. Ayesha can advise you on your course of action and begin preparing your defense from her Princeton, New Jersey, office.

A Background In Business

Because of her background in business law, Ayesha also helps employers ensure that they are making the proper accommodations for employees who have self-identified that they have a disability.

She can make sure human resource administrators understand federal laws concerning disabled workers and that management is taking the right steps to help disabled workers and avoid discriminatory practices.

What Constitutes A Disability?

A disability is generally defined by the ADA as “a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities; or a record of such impairment; or being regarded as having such an impairment.”

In 2009, a number of amendments that were made to the act became effective. These changes were designed to broaden the definition of disability, thereby reversing some previously established case laws that had restricted the definition in the past.

Even though a disability still needs to be extensively documented, the amendments allow for more illnesses and conditions to fall into the category of “disability.”

Making Accommodations In The Workplace

As an employer, you are legally compelled to provide reasonable workplace accommodations for employees with documented physical or mental disabilities. If a worker files a claim that your company has failed to provide reasonable disability accommodations or discriminated against them based on their disability, attorney Hamilton may be able to help you defend yourself and work to maintain your reputation.

Get In Touch Today To Learn More About Your Legal Options

Getting accused of disability discrimination can be disheartening for employers. If you are an employer who is defending yourself against a claim, reach out to Ayesha today to schedule an initial consultation.

You can meet with a knowledgeable lawyer at her office by simply calling 800-742-1490 or sending her a message online to schedule an appointment.