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Just WOW! From day one my attorney, Ayesha Hamilton, treated me with the utmost compassion and respect. After being laid off from a high position after 11+ years at the age of 61, my feelings were truly hurt. Ayesha helped me through this very difficult period of time with her knowledge, negotiations and emotional support. I highly recommend this amazing woman attorney who really knows the labor laws in this country. She is a 10 star in my opinion! **********

– Diane Pederson

In my career, I have observed many attorneys and judges in court, and I have to say that Ayesha analyzes legal issues in a judge-like manner. She is intelligent and fair, and skillfully cuts through complexity and emotions with a sharpened sword, like an esteemed member of the judiciary. She exuded confidence, knowledge about the law, experience, and fearlessness. For these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend her Employment Law services to another person in need of strong advocacy and representation.

– P. Nolan
Morristown, NJ

“Ayesha thoroughly reviewed the necessary documents, had a strong knowledge base regarding the issues, and provides skillful guidance through the negotiation process. With her support, I was able to successfully advocate for myself and work with my employers to create a mutually beneficial agreement. She understands corporate policy, regulations and guidelines well. Ayesha is responsive, clear and approachable.”

– A. Rao
West Windsor, NJ

“When I was wrongfully terminated, I know I needed to do something to protect myself. Speaking to Ayesha for the first time, I was immediately put at ease. She is calm and logical, compassionate and patient. Ayesha was engaged, asked persistent questions, and quickly assessed the situation, getting to work immediately to craft the case. It is intimidating going up against a corporate entity, you feel vulnerable and ill equipped to fight for yourself adequately. Ayesha articulately and assertively represented all of the issues against my former employer, and her expertise and confident manner assured me that I would get a fair settlement. Beyond the positive outcome, I could not have emotionally navigated the process without Ayesha’s genuine caring, empathy and commitment to fighting for what’s right.”

– K. Phillips
Glenside, PA

“Whether it’s through email or over the phone, Ayesha never makes you feel like your time is being compromised or that you’re being rushed. She is empathetic and fair in her approach, and she understands how stressful each employment issue is for each client and makes you feel like your case is her priority.

Ayesha is incredibly transparent, practical, and down-to-earth. No one would ever question her level of expertise in handling employment matters. She has an incredible reputation amongst attorneys. What truly distinguishes Ayesha is how much she cares about her clients. Ayesha goes above and beyond for our firm on every matter.”

– Adam Rubin
East Brunswick, NJ

“Ayesha has a wealth of experience working with different challenges. She was able to understand my situation and develop scenarios quickly. She thoughtfully analyzed different scenarios – evaluating them for short term and long term outcomes for myself, my career, and my family. She helped me with the difficult conversations and was my champion through everything. I highly recommend Ayesha!”

– Shefali S.
West Windsor, NJ

“Ayesha is effective by being thorough with the details. We spent a lot of time going through the details of my separation from my former company and the events leading up to it. After receiving my initial severance offer, Ayesha spent time reviewing the language presented to me.

We went through each paragraph of the offer together, and she outlined the standard and non-standard clauses in the agreement, including remediation opportunities for each non-standard clause. We also walked through all the options on how to respond to my initial severance offer.

Ayesha was very comfortable to communicate with due to her timely follow up and her ability to translate legal law into language easy for non-lawyers to understand. She made me feel like my case was her most important and was focused on my needs while we met.”

– Tim Waite
Chester Springs, PA

“The first time I met Ayesha, she assured me she would help win my case and predicted the best result. We ended up getting exactly what she said we would! No matter the time of day, Ayesha communicated quickly, always helping me understand the next best steps while listening to my concerns and needs. She wrote the right letters on my behalf, and she knew what to do and who to contact to build a stronger case. I was able to get the best outcome for myself under the circumstances. I would have not have likely achieved it without Ayesha’s help.”

– F. Zhou
Philadelphia, PA

“The Hamilton team not only helped us identify areas of liability and drafted the agreement to address concerns, but they also aided us in the negotiation process-extracting us from a joint venture relationship that exposed us to significant liability. Hamilton Law has represented our company for numerous years and continues to be an asset in helping to protect our growing business!”

– Rethink Innovations

“Ayesha Hamilton is an attorney who cares about her client and what is best for the client as a whole, not just the bottom line dollar. This is refreshing in today’s world.”

Legal Issue: Discrimination
K.G. – Hired Ayesha Hamilton in 2011.

“Ms. Hamilton is a consistent professional that I offer my most enthusiastic recommendations for personally and professionally. She is extremely comprehensive and clear in her work on my projects and communicates in a comfortable and un-threatening manner. Her advice was always well thought out and structured in the best long term interests of all parties. She is prompt in responding to questions and emails are often answered late into the evening. It is with great confidence that I will continue working with her for years into the future knowing my businesses legal matters are in good hands. If you need more information please do not hesitate to call me directly.”

Legal Issue: Business Organizations
David hired Ayesha Hamilton in 2010

David M. Martin, Ph.D.
Vice President, Nanjing Pharmaceuticals, Zhongjian Kexin Division
468 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China
Chairman, Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
1325 G. Street, NW, Suite 500#5001, Washington, DC 20005

“Ayesha Hamilton is amazing! Never having thought I would need the services of an attorney regarding my employment I have to say I was absolutely blown away with her compassion for my circumstances, her savvy and calm demeanor were exactly what was needed for the situation. No question went unanswered and I asked many! Her attention to details are unsurpassed. She had to go up against “the Big Boys” and never failed to amaze me with her strength, knowledge and ability to stand her ground and not be shaken. I would highly recommend Ayesha.”

– Lynne Marotta

“Ayesha Hamilton is a brilliant attorney who helped me understand my rights and the details of my discrimination case against my employer in a very straight forward manner. She navigates through the complexities of the law in a swift, efficient manner and is a formidable presence in the face of opposing counsel.”

– Ramona Broomer

“Ayesha has handled several matters for me and my wife in the past and I have never been associated with an attorney that listened to my concerns, addressed them, explained what my options were, and why, and then asked what I thought. Her understanding of Employee, Employer, and Business Law is extensive, and what she doesn’t know she fully researches to assure that you receive the best advice and representation. I have complete confidence in her opinions and will not consider making a move any more without consulting her first. I have read her Employment Guide, and can assure you this is great advice. I regret not having this type of information available years ago when I began my professional career.”

– Manfred Marotta

“Ayesha Hamilton’s direct approach to employment issues helps clarify if you have a potential case or not and what you should do about it. Her real world thinking and practical advice help navigate you through, at times, muddy water. As an employer, Ayesha has helped my company create a framework of communication and accountability not just for my employees, but for my company as well. Ms. Hamilton’s expertise and guidance is necessary in today’s competitive job market to both the employer and the employee.”

– Shirley Kalisky

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