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Defending Employers In Wrongful Termination Litigation

Employers have broad hiring and firing powers. Except for laws that prohibit certain forms of discrimination and retaliation, you can choose whomever you want to work for you — and when it is time to let go of an employee. Of course, a terminated employee may claim that they were fired illegally and file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

If your business has been accused of wrongful termination, you need to know your rights and obligations under state and federal law, and what to do about the claim. At Hamilton Law Firm PC, attorney Ayesha Hamilton represents employers who are facing unwarranted claims of wrongful termination.

When you call her Princeton firm at 800-742-1490, she can discuss the facts of your case in-depth to determine whether you were within your rights as an employer to terminate your former employee.

The Gray Area In Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

Most wrongful discharge incidents are common-law matters — that is, they are not covered by specific statutes. Although there is no specific statute covering many of these matters, it’s generally recognized that it is not in the public interest to let an employer engage in or permit these practices.

This gray area doesn’t just affect employees — it can affect employers as well. While an employer may have legitimate reason to terminate or discipline an employee, such as for poor performance or employee misconduct, an employee may allege that their termination was unfair and the result of discrimination. In such cases, employers need representation just as much as an employee does and deserve to be defended with the same tenacity.

Straightforward Assessment Of The Claim

When you arrange your initial consultation with a lawyer from our firm, attorney Hamilton will discuss your employment law case in depth to determine the disgruntled ex-employee’s history on the job and the reasons for their termination. Her goal is to find out the facts of the case, answer your questions and develop a legal strategy to resolve the conflict. In addition to providing you with an honest assessment of the case against you, she will give you a clear idea of what you should expect this case to cost your business.

Let Us Handle Your Case The Right Way

Attorney Ayesha Hamilton has extensive experience handling a multitude of wrongful termination and other employment law cases. Her strong focus on amicable negotiations has resulted in many of her cases being settled before ever reaching the court. Her track record of success shows her skill and passion for getting results.

If you would like to meet with Ayesha Hamilton to discuss your wrongful termination claim, contact her office today. Call 800-742-1490 to schedule an appointment or send her a message online.

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