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Helping You Protect Your Trade Secrets With Noncompete Agreements

In many industries, it is standard practice to use noncompete agreements to preserve your company’s sensitive information and corporate secrets. For a noncompete to work, it needs to be carefully drafted so that it is legally enforceable and tailored to your particular industry.

At Hamilton Law Firm PC, attorney Ayesha Hamilton focuses on employment and business transactional law. Ayesha can help your company develop a noncompete policy that allows you to recruit top talent to the workforce without the risk of inadvertently helping your competition.

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More About Noncompete Agreements

In a noncompete agreement, an employee agrees not to take a job with one of your competitors for a fixed period of time after leaving your company. The purpose is to keep your trade secrets from falling into the wrong hands and damaging your ability to do business. To be valid and legally enforceable in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, a noncompete agreement must be carefully prepared to respect the employee’s right to work, provide some benefit to the worker and contain a good business reason to exist.

The contract must also be reasonable. It cannot unreasonably stop the employee from finding work due to a burdensome time period, geographic range or otherwise be overly broad. Otherwise, you may struggle to enforce the noncompete should an ex-employee ever violate it.

Attorney Hamilton will draft a noncompete agreement that suits your business and helps you develop a company policy for the use of the agreements. Preserving your trade secrets and sensitive information will be her top priority. She will also represent you in legal conflicts arising from a noncompete agreement breach.

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