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Representing Businesses In All Types Of Partnership Disputes

A business may be thriving despite issues the partners may be having with each other. However, in some cases, the partnership issues become overwhelming and threaten the future success of the business. When this happens, it is time to enlist the assistance of an experienced partnership lawyer.

At Hamilton Law Firm, attorney Ayesha Hamilton provides businesses of all sizes with tailored business law representation, and she has experience handling partnership disputes among other issues.

If you suspect a partnership dispute could wreak havoc on your business, turn to her firm for skilled help. Call her Princeton, New Jersey, office at 800-742-1490 to get started.

Resolve A Wide Range Of Disputes

Attorney Hamilton is able to become involved at any point whenever a partnership is failing due to a number of reasons, such as:

  • One partner controlling the books and not providing information
  • A partner not paying his or her fair share
  • One of the partners believing that another partner is withholding money or other items
  • Oppressed minority shareholder issues

She can utilize any method of resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, to attempt to resolve the matter out of court. Through negotiations, she may be able to resolve things by redrafting business agreements and involving a new accounting firm. However, if these methods do not work, she can take the matter to court and let a judge or jury decide how the partnership dispute should be resolved.

Partnership Dissolutions

In some cases, the issues that are at the heart of a partnership dispute may be too great to overcome. If methods of dispute resolution have not worked, it may be time to consider dissolving the partnership. When this happens, attorney Hamilton works hard on her client’s behalf to ensure that they get their fair share of all assets and liabilities.

Attorney Ayesha Hamilton is a skilled business lawyer who can work with clients to restructure and choose the proper business formation if that is what is needed for the future of the business.

Helping Small And Family-Owned Businesses Resolve Personal Disputes

Some of the most contentious partnership disputes happen among individuals who own small businesses and family-owned businesses because it’s not business, it’s personal. The success of the business may have depended on the owners and the small nature of the business. However, when emotions get involved, partners may turn on each other and become litigious.

She is committed to helping clients work out their partnership disputes and maintain an objective perspective on their partnership relationships, and personal relationships with partners, whenever possible.

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