Protecting Your Rights And Interests, No Matter The Issue

Protecting The Rights Of Employees

Because the average person spends so much time at work, it is crucial that your environment is comfortable and that your employer is respectful of your rights. If those rights have been compromised, taking legal action can not only give you a sense of justice for the wrongs against you, but also it could be a step toward ending inequality, discrimination and harassment in the workplace for all workers.

Extensive Experience Handling Employment Law Matters

To fight injustice, however, you need a lawyer willing to stand by your side as an advocate and a knowledgeable counselor. At the Princeton, New Jersey, office of Hamilton Law Firm, attorney Ayesha Hamilton uses her extensive understanding of employment law to help both employees and employers resolve a variety of employment law concerns.

She has helped numerous people over the years, and if you call her office at 800-742-1490, she can help you too.

Handling A Wide Range Of Employee Concerns

At Hamilton Law Firm, Ayesha believes that it is important to protect the rights of employees who have suffered an injustice in the workplace or are dealing with a serious employment matter, including:

  • Discrimination claims on the basis of age, national origin, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Pregnancy discrimination and harassment allegations
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers
  • Breach of an employment agreement, including confidentiality agreements and noncompete clauses

Whether these injustices lead to wrongful termination or a hostile work environment, she believes there is a way to remedy the problem amicably that not only holds the employer responsible for their actions but also gives the wronged employee a sense of justice.

Serving As Your Protector And Advocate

Even though Ayesha can also represent employers during employment law disputes, she will never let her ability to see both sides of the issue interfere with the pursuit of justice for employees. She believes that doing the right thing for your employees is always right for employers, which is why she fights to resolve injustices so that they never happen again.

You can expect compassion and understanding from attorney Hamilton because she believes in standing up for employees who have been hurt by their employer. She considers herself your protector during the legal process, and she will do what it takes to make sure your rights and best interests are protected through and through.

Providing Tailored Solutions

You never have to face a workplace injustice alone when you work with Hamilton Law Firm PC. She has considerable experience handling a variety of employee disputes and can work with you to successfully resolve your matter.

If you’re interested in discussing your case with a lawyer, contact Ayesha’s law office by calling 800-742-1490 or sending her a message through her online contact form.