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Email is such a great convenience and would appear to have made our lives easier.  One of the unfortunate side effects is that we have greatly reduced our response time.  We receive a email and quickly fire back a response, most likely without the contemplation and thought that would go into a letter or a conversation. When in doubt, when in the heat of anger or frustration, when analyzing a tricky work issue, when joking about your boss…get up and deliver the message in person.  Think twice before you hit send.  Consider whether you want to see your words used against you in an unflattering light as an exhibit to justify your termination.  More food for thought.  Please accept the content of this Blog for informational purposes only. This Blog is not meant to provide legal advice on your specific circumstances but rather, to give employees a general understanding of the legal issues affecting them. If you believe you have suffered discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination in the work place, you must contact an attorney for advice on your specific facts.