Protecting Employers Against Claims of Race Discrimination in the Workplace

At the Hamilton Law Firm, P.C., our lawyer advises employers when alleged incidents of racial discrimination at work occur, helping them resolve matters in as efficient a manner as possible.

We strongly believe it is important to advocate for the rights of employers who have been accused of discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race. We recognize that many companies face unwarranted allegations of discrimination and require experienced counsel.

We use our experience and knowledge of New Jersey and federal employment laws to protect the interests of each client. Call 800-742-1490 to see how we can help you.

What Is Race Discrimination?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits racial discrimination or any other discrimination in the workplace. Under Title VII, discrimination on the basis of ancestry, physical characteristics (such as color or features associated with a certain race) and culture are all considered race discrimination.

Some examples of racial discrimination may include:

  • Not hiring someone because of racial stereotyping
  • Selecting employees for downsizing based on their ethnicity
  • Denying employee’s promotions or advancement because of race
  • Only offering or requiring employees of certain races the chance to work overtime
  • Paying employees different amounts despite doing the same work
  • Wrongfully terminating an employee in retaliation for reporting racial discrimination
  • Making or allowing employees to repeat racial slurs, racial jokes or other prejudicial comments thereby creating a hostile work environment

Disparate-treatment discrimination is unfair treatment in the workplace on the basis of race. The majority of race discrimination claims arise from allegations of disparate-treatment.

Disparate-impact discrimination occurs when a company policy discriminates against or has a significant negative impact on a particular race or protected group.

Let Us Protect Your Company

While we believe in the rights of employees, we also strongly believe that good employers try to do everything possible to discourage discrimination. Therefore, when a claim of discrimination is brought against a business, we work with the business owners to thoroughly investigate and defend against the allegations, and we make necessary adjustments to company policies to avoid future incidents.

In addition to handling cases of racial discrimination, we represent individual and business clients who are dealing with issues of age discrimination, sex and gender discrimination and disability discrimination.

Contact Us Now — We Want To Help

At Hamilton Law Firm, P.C., we understand what you’re going through. We understand your confusion, frustrations and desire to see the problem resolved. When you retain our services, we will stand as your advocate and knowledgeable counsel until the end.

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