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News Alert: N.J. Executive Order 243

N.J. Executive Order 243 Effective June 4, 2021, NJ Executive Order 243 lifts a lot of the indoor restrictions imposed on employers by E.O 107 and 192.  For businesses of all sizes who are not open to the public, you don't have to continue to offer teleworking...


The EEOC is amending its EEO-1 form (the Employer Information Report) to include questions about pay ranges and hours worked by employees.  This data will reveal patterns or trends in pay disparities.   The current EEO-1 Form provides information on workforce profiles...


As you start a new job, be alert to non-compete restrictions that your new employer may wish to impose upon you.  Increasingly, employers seem to require their new employees to sign Non-Compete Agreements restraining where they may work if they leave the job.  The...

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