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Its time for a gut check. As you approach the end of the year and have a little time off before 2017 hits, do a little self reflection. Your leadership team and decision makers are asking the same questions about you as we speak (or read).

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How was my year? Did I meet my performance objectives? Are these objectively measured and will my leadership team agree with my assessment?
  • Were there conflicts at work that involved me? Do I think that someone made an HR complaint about me? Does my team respect me? Does my team think that I am fair and work as hard as they do? Does anyone on my team think that I favor one member over another?
  • What value do I bring to the Company? Am I easily replaceable? Is my skill set still current or is my job likely to be considered obsolete?
  • Am I happy?

What makes these questions difficult is that the answers are not based upon what you believe but rather, what your management team (subordinated and leaders) believe the answers to be. This is where your exposure lies and it is critical that you conduct this 360 degree review to evaluate and measure your exposure to termination and layoff.