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My friend and I want to go into business: Part 3

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As you grow your business and start to hire more employees, you will begin to face a lot of new issues. Many of these issues are addressed by having an employee handbook that provides the rulebook for your workplace. The employee handbook forces you to think about issues like paid time off (PTO), workplace reporting structures, job responsibilities. An employee handbook is also the ideal place to advise employees about what type of behavior will be tolerated in the workplace and what is not. The employee handbook is not a contract between you and your employees but rather is a guide to the company’s expectations.   If you have employees, an employee handbook is a must to avoid any misunderstandings and to ensure that all employees are aware of the company’s rules and expectations as well as what to do when facing a conflict in the workplace. Having all of these details outlined ahead of time ensures efficiency and fairness in the workplace, and may even avert potential conflicts between employees and management.