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Prepare to Expect the Unexpected

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Happy New Year! With that comes a brand new start for both you and your employer. The word on the street is that the economy is improving but the average Joe disagrees. The unemployment rates are still high and homes are still in foreclosure. So, what does the start of a new year mean for you and your employer? Companies are still in contraction mode so that means no new jobs. But what does it mean for those of you who still have jobs? Nothing. It’s business as usual. Keep your head down and do your job. The economy is still struggling and employers are still tightening their belts so bonuses may be impacted. Changes may be afoot. But as you go through your workday, keep your eyes and ears open for signs of this impending change. Pick up on these signals early so that you aren’t blindsided and seek help and counsel at the first sign that something is afoot. Sometimes, discussing the issues with someone on the outside may help give you a perspective on how to repair relationships and correct deficiencies in the work place before reaching the point of no return.Staying alert means that you will never be caught unprepared and that you are improving your chances of taking charge of your employment security.