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Increased Employment Issues At Year End

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PHILADELPHIA/Dec 10, 2012 — Employment law attorney Ayesha Hamilton says she’s seen an uptick in employer and employee concerns about the future, which seem to be related to the current political climate. By opening two new offices in the Philadelphia and Princeton, N.J. areas, her firm – Hamilton Law Firm, P.C. – will be available “to help protect the rights of a larger number of employees.” According to Hamilton, a deeply experienced litigator in both state and federal courts, “The end of a fiscal year can come with a reduction in staff. Employees facing layoffs who are handed a severance agreement are not sure of their legal rights.” She affirms that one of the most overlooked issues revolves around non-compete agreements. “These are common in severance agreements and can be devastating, if not handled correctly.” Hamilton, who is the author of “Employment Law Guide for Employees: Practical Tips on How to Protect Yourself in the Workplace and on Your Way Out,” says that “most employees don’t realize there are steps they should take now to protect themselves, while they are still working and on their way out.” Along with helping employees negotiate the terms of a separation agreement, Hamilton Law can help them understand and navigate workplace discrimination issues. Clients are educated about their options and the proper course of action for each unique matter, whether a discrimination situation or wrongful termination. Ramona Broomer, a Hamilton Law Firm client, offers: “[Ayesha] is a brilliant attorney who helped me understand my rights and the details of my discrimination case against my employer in a very straight forward manner. She navigates through the complexities of the law in a swift, efficient manner, and she is a formidable presence in the face of opposing counsel.”
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