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SOCIAL MEDIA in the Work Place

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2011 | Firm News |

As an employee, have you thought about what your Facebook page says about you?  Are you careful about what you say in the 140 characters of a tweet.In this current age of social media, you are putting a significant amount of very personal information out there and you would be naive to think that your current and prospective employers don’t have access to this data, and more importantly, are using this information to their advantage.  In fact, some employers are asking to look at Facebook pages as a part of the interview process.   What will they see?  Pictures of you at the beach?  Holiday parties?  Complaints about your former boss?Your social media entries may create a version of you which is incompatible with your image as an efficient and competent employee.Be careful about what you say about your job, your supervisor, your co-workers.  Even after you have been fired and you are upset, be careful about what you say, especially after you seek legal counsel and may have started the process to file an EEOC charge or court complaint against your employer.  Don’t discuss the legal action or advice that you have received with your friends.  Employers and their attorneys are using the internet to find information on prospective, current and former employees.So, beware of what you post and assume that it will come back to bite you.Please accept the content of this Blog for informational purposes only. This Blog is not meant to provide legal advice on your specific circumstances but rather, to give employees a general understanding of the legal issues affecting them. If you believe you have suffered discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination in the work place, you must contact an attorney for advice on your specific facts.