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A Great Book!

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with a bonus!I want to tell you about an author I have discovered. Debra Snider wrote “A Merger of Equals” which is a story about a woman navigating the man’s world of an investment banking firm. This could easily be a law firm setting. Much of the book involves conversations between Jane and her mentor Charlie and contain key bits of wisdom and advice which I wished I had had at the start of my career. Charlie is someone that we should all have in our lives.The book follows Jane through many scenarios that women in law, business and corporate America will find familiar. The twist is that she and Charlie come up with productive and constructive solutions which further Jane’s career. This book should be mandatory reading for all first year law students, male and female alike.But I have discovered that it isn’t too late for me. Since reading the book, I emailed my comments to the author back in January 2011, she had taken the time to have long phone calls with me every couple of months. Not only has Debra served as my mentor providing important “Charlie” like advice, but she has become a great friend. She is someone who genuinely dedicates herself to mentoring and sharing the lessons and experiences she has gained from her climb to the top. This intelligent and dynamic woman has made a big difference in my life and I encourage you to read her book and start a dialogue with her. It will be the best $15 you will ever spend. Visit for more information about her and her books.Please accept the content of this Blog for informational purposes only. This Blog is not meant to provide legal advice on your specific circumstances but rather, to give employees a general understanding of the legal issues affecting them. If you believe you have suffered discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination in the work place, you must contact an attorney for advice on your specific facts.