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Properly Addressing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Going to work in an environment where you know you are safe and will not have your rights violated is a right all workers in our country enjoy. Unfortunately, when an employer does not understand the law and engages in harassing or discriminatory behaviors, employees can find themselves facing injustices they shouldn't have to tolerate.

At Hamilton Law Firm, P.C., we counsel clients on the finer points of New Jersey and federal statutes regarding employment law and the rights of employees and employers, including one of the most insidious forms of illegal activity in the workplace: sexual harassment.

We take a stand in harassment cases, making sure justice is served and that further abuse is stopped dead in its tracks. We encourage you to contact us if you'd like to see the same action in your case.

How To Identify Sexual Harassment

In general, there are two types of sexual harassment defined by law:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when an employer or supervisor asks for sexual favors in exchange for promotions, raises or other advantages, or threatens an employee if he or she does not provide those sexual favors. Fear of retaliation if you complain about an incident may also be a factor in these sexual harassment cases.
  • Hostile work environment sexual harassment is the term applied to a workplace made hostile because of its sexual nature. For example, you find it intolerable due to sexually offensive photos, comments, jokes, physical touching or other acts of an offensive sexual nature.

Counseling Employees On Their Rights And Options

Even though we've handled numerous sexual harassment cases over the years, each instance involves a slightly different set of facts. In order to personalize your argument or defense, we will work with you to get all possible information by asking you:

  • Were job requirements changed to make it impossible to work there?
  • Was there inappropriate language or material that made it intolerable for you to be there?
  • Were conditions or the treatment you received unbearable?
  • What negative treatment did you receive?
  • Were you denied a promotion?
  • Were you denied a raise to which you were entitled?
  • Were you given a bad sales territory while someone of the opposite sex received better treatment?

Once we've thoroughly established the facts of your case, we can determine whether your rights have been violated, if you have a claim and whether you are entitled to damages.

We're Committed To Defending Your Rights

Filing a sexual harassment claim can leave an employee feeling like they're facing the issue alone. This can be intimidating and altogether overwhelming. When you retain the services of an attorney from our firm, you are never alone to defend your rights.

You can rest easy knowing we will be available when you need us to answer all of your questions, explain the process involved and guide you step-by-step toward a resolution.

At Hamilton Law Firm, P.C., we will make it a point to educate you about the legal aspects of your case and keep you up to date on its progress so that you will be prepared to make the best decisions possible.

Providing Defense To Employers Facing Sexual Harassment Claims

Charges of sexual harassment are sometimes without merit. In such cases, employers need competent defense against the allegations of sexual harassment in order to protect their company's reputation.

Our understanding of state and federal employment laws gives us the ability to protect employers from the damage of a false sexual harassment claim. We can anticipate arguments made by plaintiffs and prepare our clients to make informed decisions about whether to settle or litigate the case.

We can also help employers take proactive steps to avoid problems by helping draft comprehensive employee handbooks that spell out sexual harassment policies and other workplace rules and procedures.

Let Us Protect Your Rights

If you need someone who is not afraid to advocate on your behalf in a sexual harassment case, then we encourage you to contact Hamilton Law Firm, P.C. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators. We have your best interests in mind and will fight for them.

To schedule a consultation at our Princeton, New Jersey, office call 800-742-1490 or send us a message online.

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