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"I can't recommend Ayesha highly enough. I spoke with several attorneys AND FOUND Ayesha by far to be the most considered, strategic, thoughtful, approachable, reasonable, and responsive. This was especially important given the tricky gray area my issues fell into. Ayesha was very familiar with 'Big Pharma' and made me feel confident SHE COULD HELP ME NAVIGATE THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION. Plus, on the softer side, she gave me the best pep talk ever. She was really fantastic."

"Ayesha Hamilton is an attorney who cares about her client and what is best for the client as a whole, not just the bottom line dollar. This is refreshing in today's world."

Legal Issue: Discrimination
K.G. - Hired Ayesha Hamilton in 2011.

"Ms. Hamilton is a consistent professional that I offer my most enthusiastic recommendations for personally and professionally. She is extremely comprehensive and clear in her work on my projects and communicates in a comfortable and un-threatening manner. Her advice was always well thought out and structured in the best long term interests of all parties. She is prompt in responding to questions and emails are often answered late into the evening. It is with great confidence that I will continue working with her for years into the future knowing my businesses legal matters are in good hands. If you need more information please do not hesitate to call me directly."

Legal Issue: Business Organizations
David hired Ayesha Hamilton in 2010

David M. Martin, Ph.D.
Vice President, Nanjing Pharmaceuticals, Zhongjian Kexin Division
468 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China
Chairman, Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
1325 G. Street, NW, Suite 500#5001, Washington, DC 20005

"Ayesha Hamilton is amazing! Never having thought I would need the services of an attorney regarding my employment I have to say I was absolutely blown away with her compassion for my circumstances, her savvy and calm demeanor were exactly what was needed for the situation. No question went unanswered and I asked many! Her attention to details are unsurpassed. She had to go up against "the Big Boys" and never failed to amaze me with her strength, knowledge and ability to stand her ground and not be shaken. I would highly recommend Ayesha."

Lynne Marotta

"Ayesha Hamilton is a brilliant attorney who helped me understand my rights and the details of my discrimination case against my employer in a very straight forward manner. She navigates through the complexities of the law in a swift, efficient manner and is a formidable presence in the face of opposing counsel."

Ramona Broomer

"Ayesha has handled several matters for me and my wife in the past and I have never been associated with an attorney that listened to my concerns, addressed them, explained what my options were, and why, and then asked what I thought. Her understanding of Employee, Employer, and Business Law is extensive, and what she doesn't know she fully researches to assure that you receive the best advice and representation. I have complete confidence in her opinions and will not consider making a move any more without consulting her first. I have read her Employment Guide, and can assure you this is great advice. I regret not having this type of information available years ago when I began my professional career."

Manfred Marotta

"Ayesha Hamilton's direct approach to employment issues helps clarify if you have a potential case or not and what you should do about it. Her real world thinking and practical advice help navigate you through, at times, muddy water. As an employer, Ayesha has helped my company create a framework of communication and accountability not just for my employees, but for my company as well. Ms. Hamilton's expertise and guidance is necessary in today's competitive job market to both the employer and the employee."

Shirley Kalisky

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